More About Me

Your priorities when hiring a realtor should be: Experience, trust, tools, availability and testimonials.

Experience: Jeff Gadd is a Colorado native. He's lived in the Mile High area for his entire life. He has 17 years of experience and has won awards every year since 2001! He's sold more than 700 homes. He has detailed information on the best investment subdivisions and extensive economic knowledge to add to your tool box in order to make the best decisions on your investment. Whether you're buying or selling a home, Jeff has the strategies that will make your success a reality!

Trust: Trust is always best proven rather than said! It starts when you tell him what your needs consist of. You can count on him listening intently and being diligent on every aspect of what you need. He's never pushy and will always have your best interests at heart! He'll point out every aspect of the road ahead and your expectations will be as close to exact as possible.

Tools: If you're selling a house, Jeff's marketing includes the top Real Estate websites and the real possibility of 1st page Google searches. He has 3 strategies that insure that you will net top dollar! If you're buying a home, He has the technology that will alert you with in 20 minutes when a home that meets your needs comes on the market.

Availability: Jeff treats his business like a doctor on call and if by chance he isn't available, he will text you immediately and will meet your expectations every time.


I have bought many homes and Jeff Gadd is a very rare Realtor! He's heads and shoulders above the rest, bar none! I got rid of my previous Realtors and Jeff is saved in my phone as the "Smart Realtor". Enough said! Tom K.

During a listing presentation, Jeff asked about interviewing other agents. I said "Are you kidding me"? 2 years ago I told him I was struggling to make the payments. He said to try and hang on! The economy was changing and my homes value was about to go way up! 2 years later, my value increased $160,000! I told Jeff, "No, you're my man!" Mike S.

Jeff found our dream house with in a week! Unfortunately, the home had 14 offers! I was a nervous wreck but Jeff calmed me down with words of wisdom. He did his due diligence, found out exactly what we needed to do and…..I GOT THE HOME! Jeff's the man! Tammis J.